Release history
  1. Analytic dashboard beta version added for all users
  2. Touch screen theme added, InventoryPlus support multiple theme
  3. Arabic language support added
  4. VAT taxation activated
  5. Online activation feature added
  6. Re-seller portal enabled
  7. Subscription/license moving from one system to other system is simple using deactivate and activate account feature
  8. New 30X50MM barcode label report added
  9. Sales screen quick link section resizing option provided
  10. UOM rate added
  11. Conversion of unit to primary UOM in purchase screen added
  12. Search vendor with code/phone number in purchase
  13. Option provided for search the item name with barcode, code etc in all dropdown selections
  14. Sales screen layout change feature added
  15. added numeric button control to sales screen
  16. Customer name edit feature in main sales screen
  17. In Sales screen, scan the item it will update the same line qty instead of adding new line. Only new line will be added if user edited the rate or discount
  1. Multiple location stock handling
  2. Category adding for product, You can manage the hierarchical category for
  3. Grid column hide and show will be stored permanently. System will restore
    from old settings
  4. Added profit column in Invoice report, It help to get the immediate profit
    for each sales
  5. Added option to generate the dead stock/slow moving stock in stock summary
  6. Print number of paper can be saved in sales bill
  7. Restore backup feature added
  8. Backup retention period added, System will auto delete the old not
    required backup file
  9. Option provided to open the company created on server using open company
    from server feature.
  10. Shared folder 'InventoryPlusData' created for data folder when software
    install on system system.
  11. Material renamed to product
  12. Stock Journal report added
  13. Analytic Dashboard created in report section, This is available to all subscriber for evaluation, In future this will be available to only premium users
    1. Loyalty point/reward redeem feature added
    2. Updated GST Extract feature
    3. Added MRP option in label printing
    4. Purchase and estimation screen has optoion to select different price scheme.
    5. Profit amount field added in invoice report
    6. Group filter option added in invoice report
    7. Frequent termination of software while billing issue fixed.
    8.  Balance sheet generation now beta release with many issues fixed.
    1. Estimation module is included in this release
    2. Import estimation in sales bill is included
    3. Added 2 labels in a row role report added.
    4. Purchase various option added
    5. Added CESS calculation on quantity.
    6. Updated Tax report
    7. Added HSN column in Invoice report
    8. Update in taxable column in sales bill when tax included is
    1. Bill of material (BOM) added, Now it is simple to generate the stock journal with BOM
    2. Discount added in purchase section
    3. Sales added new field called Less amount (Help to adjust net amount)
    4. Purchase import is simplified, Update CSV file with only required field, Added GST fields for import, added discount for import
    5. Jewellery user has lot of new features
    6. As per of request we have added option to add material new entry/update while entering the purchase, Just click on Material menu will open material screen as popup. Create new material and save, same will be available in purchase to select.
    7. Selling rate will be auto calculated based on LC, we have added markup % in material screen, it will help to auto calculation of selling rate for all price scheme
    8. As per many request we have changed our implementation of sales bill deletion with continues bill number, Delete the last sales bill and create new sales bill will have retain the last deleted sales bill number for new sales bill number.
    9. Some of the defect fixed like, discount displaying in sales bill, rate was not retaining when multiple price scheme updated etc,.

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