Inventory Billing Software

Best Inventory software available as a service now!. POS Ready Retail billing system with accounting feature operates effectively as a standalone system. Simple and easy to use with all standard features included.

Multiple Branch

Manage multiple branch and warehouse with the same product and customer details across the branch with stock transfer feature

Advanced Billing

Billing with customizable invoice, Option to select multiple template.

Backup Restore

InventoryPlus auto backup and restore feature helps to safeguard data. Cloud backup is simple and easy

Report Scheduling

Monitoring remote branch is simple with smart Scheduling, Report will be delivered directly to your Inbox at specified time,

POS billing System

InventoryPlus supports barcode scanner, barcode label printing

Print or Email your Invoices

Free Inventory software auto email and SMS sending feature help to the paperless green initiative.

Smart Sync

Smart offline sync using Dropbox works without internet, Advanced Sync across branches. Remote monitoring is easy

Advanced Reports

Customizable report format with multiple export options

Access report from Mobile

Request reports from mobile, Access and view report from mobile even software installed on the remote system!

Key features of InventoryPlus free inventory software

Easy installation and configuration
Just install package using setup file. Easy company file creation and configuration. Network configuration also simple as computer knowledge is not required.  Creating new financial wizard helps the smooth moving to new financial year.
Regional language supported
System support English and Kannada interface as of now. It can be extended based on the request, We need volunteer for language conversion. We have planned to support all global languages. One of the first and best Kannada language supported inventory and accounting software.
Multi-user access
Several people can share access with their own usernames and passwords. Creating different users with different privilege level for providing high security. System allows to give permission to required section. Example. Create cashier user and give permission to create new sales bill, cashier has access to only sales entry system, user not able to login any other section of the InventoryPlus.
Works on Standalone and Offline mode
InventoryPlus support offline installation and standalone installaiton as well. No internet connect is required to start using our software. We know the industry from last 15 years and we will recommend the software based on location and accessibility.

Touchscreen supported billing software

Sales billing screen and other application layout supports the touch screen monitor.

Barcode supported inventory software

Inventory handling support barcode scanner. Barcode eliminates the user errors. Sales billing made easy (basic computer knowledge is enough). Speed up the billing process by scan and print bill method. Generate the barcode sticker and print the barcode sticker with simple interface

Portable data Simple accounting software

Company data stored in portable file, which can be included on business trips. It operates from removable disk!!. Package can operate from 64 MB flash drive also!!.

Smart data backup

Free Inventory software support automatic backup, just setting backup intervals enable the automatic backup system. Backup systems force you to take backup. Compressed, encrypted, incremental backups and an option to view size of backups.

Multiple currencies billing

Looking for software support multiple currency sales billing? InventoryPlus supports auto conversion of primary to alternate bill amount.

Feature platform supports

InventoryPlus free inventory software supports all windows platform including Win XP.

Report export to all format

System is provides a huge variety of customization, detailed reports that delivery into the specifics of a financial area enabling you to analyze key areas of your finances. Reports data can be exported to all known formats.

Easy multiple company maintainer

Operate multiple company and there is no limit for maintaining accounting and inventory ledger.

Manage Accounts ledger and stock book

Maintain the any number of customer, suppliers and other accounting ledger database and transactions. Accounting and Inventory handling knowledge is not required to operate our free inventory software

Advanced printing

Printing happens in the background and users can simultaneously continue with work while the printing is in progress. System support the thermal printer bill printing. Sales bill can be customized based on required format to fulfill the company’s brand. Print Preview any reports or voucher before printing with zoom in/out facility.

Update notification

Free inventory software notify any future Inventoryplus upgrade available. Seamless free download, install the upgrade to latest version is few click away for our subscribed users.

Free* inventory software

When we say free, we mean it. No set-up fees, no hidden charges. Not a free trial, absolutely free for *training and personal usage. Our business model is simple. We will be charging affordable fee(10$/499Rs/year start with) for quality support, customization and advanced features who register for subscription.

Core Features

Multiple location Invoice stock management

Multiple location Inventory management software

Effectively track multiple location stock with InventoryPlus.  Advanced inventoryPlus multiple location stock handling reduce the manual efforts and easy to raise the purchase order
Manage promotion and discount in free inventory software

CRM, Discounts and Promotions Management

Manage the Promotions, loyalty programs and customer relationships with Inventory software are simple and effective using InventoryPlus. Customer Relation simplified with SMS & Email feature
advanced report editing and sales bill template import feature

Advanced Report editing option help to customize all reports

InventryPlus Advanced report editing feature help to customize all available report. Editing the invoice template and barcode label report is now simple, You can maintain branding using our billing system.
Manage Inventory Tracking Serial Expire date

Efficient Inventory

Efficient Inventory Standard, Assembly, Reorder, Repacking is simple with inventoryPlus. Track serial number and expire details also simple and easy with our Inventory software
Manage Price Scheme Taxation

Manage multiple Price, Discount, Taxaction supported

Multiple price scheme and taxation can be configured for each product, Inventory software can be used for retail or wholesale business
Free billing software addin, inventory software add in

Supports Plugin

Plugin help to extend the functionality of inventoryPlus to next level.

Highlights of Free inventory handling Software.

POS Ready Retail Management Solution that operates effectively as a standalone system, easy to set up and configure, User-friendly screen simplifies the new staff training. InventoryPlus is completely free inventory software including account handling, Software can be installed on all windows operating system.Our free inventory software sending SMS, delivery the sales invoice directly to customer inbox using email. Sending balance alert is easy now SMS features!. Using inventoryPlus you can go paperless.

Remote Monitoring of business

  1. One of the best in industry Report scheduling tool help to monitor remote business easily
  2. Just schedule report, System will send the report email as requested format, open the report using mobile at any time
  3. The report file can be dropped at a specified time and defined locations(Like Dropbox/google drive)
  4. Just schedule and forget, System will send the report to your desired location at a specified time
  5. Smart Sync work with DropBox with Offline mode, Data will be synchronized across
  6. Monitor and update your shop transaction from your house, Your remote PC will get an immediate update once the transaction completed at your shop.

Multi Branch and Locations

  1. Manage multiple branch and location easily
  2. Sync data across multiple branches is simple and easy
  3. Stock Transfer from Warehouse/Branch to another branch is easy
  4. InventoryPlus help to generate consolidated transactions and account statements for all branches
  5. Track stock based on location available at your warehouse or shop
  6. Multiple Branch sync help to maintain all customers and master details across all shops
  7. Central server not required, smart sync help to sync data across all shops without any issues
  8. Internet is not required, All branches work offline, Whenever internet is the available system will connect across branches.

Manage business with Free inventoryPlus

  1. Automate your business using Inventoryplus with zero hidden fee
  2. Manage multiple companies accounts and stocks
  3. Multi-language, multi-currency in free inventory software
  4. Access restriction based on assigned permissions for each shop staff
  5. Monitor real-time sales and inventory positions
  6. The auto-backup facility helps easy recovery of data if the system crashes
  7. LIFO or FIFO billing option allowed for batch / expire items
  8. commission management module with multiple configurable options
  9. Manage discount coupon promotion with various options
  10. Physical stock verification module can be used for stock verification
  11. The system can be used for material movement, track product manufacturing

Manage stocks and track materials effectively

  1. Manage items/materials, there is no restriction on size or storage limits
  2. Item Master Add/Edit and CSV import from an external system
  3. Materials can be grouped based on category and classification
  4. Set up low inventory stock alerts in free inventory software
  5. Track items based on Rack/aisle to identify the location of items
  6. Analyze the expiring/aging stock items
  7. Easily manage Expiry Date handling
  8. Purchase return and sales return can be easily handled
  9. Barcode label/sticker printing option included
  10. Customization can be easily managed by including the required plugin
  11. As per request plug-in/module will be developed and configured

Free inventory software’s Billing & accounting features

  1. Simple POS sales entry system
  2. Generate sales bill by scanning barcode
  3. Counter sales with Customer Ledger transactions
  4. Voucher module for Receipt, Payment and Adjustment transaction
  5. Product lose/split sales option available
  6. Multiple Customers Billing at the same time on single PC
  7. Option for discount entry in sales
  8. Sales terminal supports custom sales button with a picture
  9. Cost-effective thermal bill printing, Customisation sales bill supported
  10. Sales invoice in multiple foreign currencies
  11. Material transfer module for manufacturing unit
  12. Track invoice balance, due date & payment history

InventoryPlus Reports

  1. Stock Register and support reports(Day wise / Brand Wise)
  2. Vendor ledger transactions, option to export to excel
  3. Daily Sales Report, reports based on cashiers/terminal/customer
  4. Daily cash register
  5. Aging reports/expired items report
  6. Minimum Level Or Safety Stock alert report
  7. Sales Tax / GST Register
  8. commission report based on a salesman
  9. Barcode label printing is simple with Free inventory software
  10. The report can be exported to various formats
  11. Various sales bill templates, customization of sales bill format

GST Tax Invoice

InventoryPlus GST Tax invoice help Indian users to generate the beautiful bill in no time. Make GST invoice using composition Scheme or Traditional taxation.

Your Data is Secured and Safe

Software installed on your system and all data will be stored on your system so data will be secured. Database cannot be tempered because of data is encripted.

Data import is simple

Importing Produt and customer details is simple and easy with the help of csv/excel file we provided. Import legecy software data to our system with couple of click!

Wordwide Total Installations

Countries shops are running with InventoryPlus POS

Daily additions to InventoryPlus family

Price Starts with 499INR or 10$



Ready to use Inventory & Billing software has a one-stop solution for retail shop to chain business.  It got all features included stock transfer between locations, Email & SMS notification, It helps you to streamline the process of sales and inventory, of course monitoring from a remote location is simple and easy with InventoryPlus!. 

Why InventoryPlus free Inventory software ?

High DPI touch screen enabled screen with localizaton multiple language supports with option to customize the the language upon request is the one of the best feature available in Inventory management application

Free Inventory software recommended

Free Software as a Service

No advertisement or hidden charges to use the software for personal use and Training purpose

Offline Inventory handling software

No internet connection is required to operate, Data is stored in your sytem and secured.

Best in Industry

InventoryPlus is built up on industry best practices to address individual retailers needs.

Build customer relationship

Software will notify the customer’s overdue account balance through SMS or Email, It help to increase the collection of overdue payment, Required to get the SMS package to send the SMS

Bill Quick Edit

Reports and Invoice format changes is possible as request. Best in class reporting  feature available

Become Partner

Are you hardware dealer? or market adviser?  then InventoryPlus will give the value add to your business, Including our software as a package will yield more business

Look No Further. Get Started Today


High DPI touch screen enabled screen with localization multiple languages supports with an option to customize the language upon request is one of the best feature available in Inventory management application


Touch enabled software

Software can be used in POS with touch enabled system.

Multi monitoring support

InventoryPlus support multiple monitors,
download free inventory software
download free inventory software

Purchase Subscription

Subscribe to InventoryPlus yearly pack and start building the business, InventoryPlus will help you to hasslefree business with trusted state of  art technology. This is the indian users can buy from this link

Regional Subscription price

If you are from outside the india then use below link to get the subscription, We have the discounted rate for different location.


We know the importance of support even though produce is high quality. InventoryPlus dedicated support team will give quality supports to run the business smoothly. Our support starts with setup the environment on the provided workstation. If required train the users to understand the required functionality to run the business with InventoryPlus software.

Our support team with you after post-implementation. InventoryPlus deliver the frequent product update and the same will be delivered to you free of cost. We will give the opportunity to all of our customers to give feedback and ask for any new features required, Same will be implemented in a future releases and the new features will be available to all of our subscribers free of cost.

free inventory software download
free inventory software download
free inventory software download
free inventory software download


free inventory software awards
free inventory software awards
free inventory software awards
free inventory software awards

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