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Software for managing Furniture Retail shop and Stock handling application
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Benefits of Furniture Retail Software

Furniture Retail Software is a one-stop solution for billing, stock handling, and accounting needs. Simple and user-friendly software help to manage Invoicing, Stock handling, and manage all type of accounts effectively.


Efficiency Manage Inventory

Managing the Inventory is Simple and Effectively get total control of your inventory and reduce losses due to waste.

Portable Offline database

You will be having data in your fingertip. copy database in cloud drive. Remote business tracking is simple now with Furniture Software.

Built in Analytics

InventoryPlus has built in Analytics system, It help to take the proper decission easily, Retrive data base on multiple parameters.

Simple billing

Increase employee efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction with our fast billing POS system.

Plugin Supports

Furniture Retail shop software can be extended by using the Plugin, Customization of software is possible.

Built in accounting software

InventoryPlus for managing stocks, accounts, It is an end to end solution for small to medium retail business.

Easy-to-learn and Implement

Training the staff is simple. An extremely easy-to-learn and easy-to-use retail solution where POS, inventory management is integrated.

Ready to use Invoice template

Customization is required in bill format? it is simple to edit the template and build your own beautiful invoice.

Smart notification

Are you worried about customers growing pending balance?, a smart notification will send the due amount SMS.

Highlights of InventoryPlus software are,

  • Manage Multiple branches easily with Sync features, Works on Dropbox and no need of central server
  • No internet is required, Save a lot of recurrence internet and telephone bills
  • Report scheduling and on-demand report request feature help you to get the status of the business on move!
  • Manufacturing enabled work order module to manage the process
  • Manage due bills and track all due invoices with InventoryPlus software.
  • Send SMS and email to notify the transaction or remainder.
  • Analyze your business data with the built-in advanced analytic tool, It helps you to take better decisions.


Why free Furniture Retail shop Software ?

Grocery Store Software

Low Ownership Cost

Subscription cost starts with just 499Rs or 10$/year, There is no hidden charges. Software works on offline mode so no internet connection is required to operate.

Configuraiton is Easy

Simple to install and easy to configure, There is no need to configure a database or any other tools. Software is just plugged & play, Just install and start running the business within a minute.

Easy Import & Export

Product, Customers, Suppliers, and purchases can be easily imported to InventoryPlus. Export to multiple formats is easy. Plugin help to generate invoice soft copy easily uploaded to cloud storage.


High DPI touch screen enabled screen with localization multiple languages supports with the option to customize the language upon request is the one of the best feature available in Furniture Retail Software


Touch enabled software

Software can be used in POS with touch enabled system.

Multi monitoring support

InventoryPlus support multiple monitors,

Multi Language support

InventoryPlus support multiple languages,

Manage multiple company

Managing the multiple company is simple,
Furniture Retail Software
Furniture Retail Software
Furniture Retail Software
Furniture Retail Software

Automate business using free Furniture Retail software now!

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Furniture Retail Software

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