Upto 50% discount offer!

Do you deal IT products or market adviser? If you sell hardware or software then include InventoryPlus as your offering and provide end to end solutions to your clients. Our goal is to build cost effective long term successful business model with our esteemed partners.

Our users base is growing more then 400% year on year. Start building your business, our 15 years of industry expert team will delivery quality App with latest innovative technology, you can concentrate on grow your business.

Profit sharing

Our WIN-WIN 50:50 Partnership program help to build long term business relationship.


We pass enquiery and support request of your area to you.

Referral bonus

Partner control panel help to monitor all subscription with 25% referral discount we are offering



Simple and user friendly user interface help you for fastest impelementation and end user training.

Sell at your price

Sell InventoryPlus at your price, Buy subscription from us with 50% discount and sell at your preferred markup.

Control Panel

We will give the control panel for re-seller to manage the license.

No competitors

Quality software at reasonable and almost NILL price in this segment, Absolutely there is no competitors to you!

Satisfaction guaranteed

More than 40 countries satisfied customers base, Supports all types of business

Grow together

We welcome the dedicated professional, retail experts to implement the InventorPlus reseller program.

Become our affiliate

Sell InventoryPlus on your website and get 25% discount for each sales

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