InventoryPlus App

All the Right Features

Looking for scallable enterprise solution for your business? then InventoryPlus Enterprise is the right choice

Cloud Enabled

Cloud Hosting supported, Database on your required cloud server, Centralized data-store, Access data from any locations


InventoryPlus Enterprise is scalable, When your business grows then software and infrastructure can be upgraded easily


Connect any number of branch or system, there is no softwarwe limitations, All are depends on infrastructure architecture.


Now InventoryPlus support the distributed data store, If you have multiple location billing terminal, limited internet connectivity, then our on-premise database and periodic sync with your central location

advanced features

InventoryPlus Enterprise support all required feature to run any type of business from Inventory management to accounting needs, RFID to barcode supported system with all latest features supported 

24/7 Support

No need to own & maintain the infrastructure & Technical staff, use our cloud enabled system, Our partner will manage all,  If you need dedicated support then contact us, we will help you to outsource staff

Drive your Business through Easy and User Friendly Software

Focus more on business and profitability instead of worrying more on software and implementation. InventoryPlus automate your business with just 1/10 cost mean less investment on infrastructure and software. 

User friend software is easy to train the new staff in no time, Software support touch screen, Barcode scanning will help the speedey billing needs, Advanced reporting helps to take the better decissions.

Our hassle-free retail management software can be used Online/Offline based on needs. Depending on business software can be configured accordingly.

Everything You Need

Easy Billing

POS Supported billing software for all type of business, RFID & Barcode supported

Advanced Notification

Enable the SMS and Email notificaition, bring more customers using discount and Loyalties

Manage Accounting

Manage Customers and Vendors accounts, Track all expense and income

Analyse the Data

Analyse all business data using analytic dashboard, Analyse all sales, orders, stock

Generate Reports

Customize and generate the report as per requirements.

Customize the Software

Plugin is available to extend the software functionality, If any new feature required then contact us we will help build the new plugin for custom requirements

Anyware anytime

  • Remote cloud center works as datacenter. InventoryPlus will connect to remote data center.
  • Any number of system able to connect at anytime
  • Online version support live data/feed to all connected system.
  • Pay as you go model save huge money as there is no need to buy the infrastructure and predict the future growth and upgradation of infrastructure is not required.

Supported business : Indivisual owner want to track transactions realtime, Multi location shop have good internet speed.

Works Offline or Online, Distributed deployment, Active sync supports

  • Data stored on local shop. Any number of clients can connect to server based on infrastructures support
  • No internet is required, Works offline,
  • Database snapshot or sync can be enabled on remote server when internet is connected or on specified times. Data will sync to remote server or warehouse.
  • Scalable architecture support for any type of business like chain shop with unlimited computers connects

Supported business : Multi location shops, Multi chain business module, Multiple clients need to connected to server at a time with huge daily transactions.

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