Case Study

Business Requirements

Software should be operated 4 retail shops at a time as standalone as there is no/limited internet connection. one warehouse/stockiest where product repacking is happening. Once after completing the packing delivery note will be created and stock should be dispatched to relevant shop operate at remote location. Automation of retail shop with billing, Inventory handling, maintain the accounts and with all standard reports with cost effective solution required.

The Challenge

1. Warehouse will be used as stockyard. All stock will be dispatched from warehouse when retail shops stock reaches the reorder/low level.
2. Lack of process for managing the stock had gradually increased to alarming levels due to lack of required information. 
3. Stock detail should be sync to remote shops from warehouse with minimal efforts.
4. Managing all retail shop business and a warehouse should be managed by remote users.
5. Cloud solution is too expensive and it is not reliable when busy running shop as there is a chance of internet is down or no internet availability.

The Solution

InventoryPlus cost effective solution helped to automate the end to end business.
1. InventoryPlus will be installed off-line so no internet connection is required. InventoryPlus POS enabled system help automation of retail business
2. InventoryPlus warehouse management system help to product repacking using stock journal.
3. Plug-in called “Sales Bill to Purcahse import” will help load all stock from warehouse to retail shop system. Stock will be deducted from warehouse system and added to retail store system. Plug-in will generate the csv file when generating the sales invoice/delivery note. Use google drive sync tool to sync to google drive. in retail shop download the csv file and drag and drop on purchase screen will load the stock.
4. Total cost for entire solution is 100$/year. (4 retail shops + 1 warehouse= Total 5 installations. 5*20$(advanced subscription)=100$/year)

We Rethought Everything

Business automation

Automation of business with InventoryPlus helped to increase profitability, reduce the dead stock, maintain the fast moving stock. track business effectively.

80% operations cost saved per year

80% cost saved in software implementations

There will be more then 80% saving in application and maintenance cost. As software works on local system no need to by the any third part hosting or public IP to connect remote system.

80% saved in Internet charges

As software works on offline no internet connection is required. Internet connection is required when admin want to connect to shop system to generate the reports and importing the stock and stocking the backup to cloud drive.

Rebuilt From the Inside Out

InventoryPlus rich reporting system will give the required data at fingertip tip for further analysis, Decisions taking is simple and easy

Free Inventory Software
  • Cost effective solution, yearly saving more then 80% 80%
  • Dead stock utilization increased profitability by 30% 30%
  • Loyalties Program bring recurring customers by 20% 20%
  • Operational cost saved for report generation, billing, stock reconciliation etc, 60% 60%

The Results Were Amazing

Automation of retail store using cost effective InventoryPlus solution help user to utilize latest technology bring the value added features to simplified and automate the retail business. Required data will be available for analysis whenever required. Remote tracking is possible using VPN access help to monitor the business from remote.

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