Extending InventoryPlus to next level
Export to PDF

Export Sales bill

Sales bill can be exported to PDF format and stored in folder, folder can be sync to cloud drive(oneDrive/Google drive) to access data/bill from anywhere. Plugin help to store admin/owner to monitor sales from remote place.

Required Subscription: Advanced & above

Export to PDF for importing in purchase screen

Sales bill extract for purchase import

Sales bill can be export to csv file. CSV can be used to import from inventoryPlus purchase screen. File can be sync with cloud drive, access from remote location. This feature helpful to inventoryPlus users who want to send the sales bill extract to their client who are all using InventoryPlus. Client can simply import the csv file to load the purchase/stock.

Required Subscription: Premium

Export to PDF for importing in purchase screen

POS Customer Display Pole

Customer Display Pole help to display the sales information in display pole.

Required Subscription: Premium


  • Download the plugin by clicking on Download button from above URL.
  • Extract the zip file to plugin folder found at installation location “C:\Program Files (x86)\InventoryPlus\plugin”


  1. Plugin avaialble only to advanced and above version only.
  2. Cloud sync tool required to download, install and configured, It is not part of InventoryPlus installation package.

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