Basic Subscription



InventoryPlus Basic Subscription

✔ Customize home screen with company logo and address and background image
✔ All reports including sales invoice with watermark text
No Support provided to basic subscription. Any support is required then required to buy the ticket, It cost you 500Rs for 30 minutes of support.
✔ Report export feature is disabled.
✔ 1 system licenses.

X  Barcode scanning + Barcode label printing feature is not included in basic subscription
X  Serial number/Batch number wise stock handling is not available
X  Expire date tracking is not available


  • Basic subscription will contain only basic features like simple billing and accounting, Existing feature will be deactivated to basic subscription without any notifications.
  • No support will be provided. For each support request you have to buy the ticket, Each ticket will cost you 500Rs.
  • If you need the support then buy the advanced subscription, 2 free ticket worth of 1000INR included in 999INR yearly rental, It is good enough for managing business with basic support for one year. Refer here for plan.
  • Basic subscription is enabled only for user who has limited budget or want to run business start with basic feature.
  • Any available feature will be removed from basic subscription without any notifications.

Only Indian users can buy this subscription. If you are from outside India then refer GLOBAL PRICE click here


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