Rewards & Affiliates


Introduce new users to InventoryPlus and get additional validity to your existing subscription as mentioned below.

  1. Each referred new premium subscription will get 3 months of additional validity.
  2. Each referred new advanced subscription will get 2 months of additional validity.


How to Claim the Offer:  Required to contact the support team once after the creation of a new registration id for introduced new customers with a new user Registration ID and your active registration id within 15 days of purchase. The support team will add the bonus validity to your existing subscription and update you on how to enable newly updated validity through email.


  1. Offer is valid for only new registration only
  2. Claim this offer you need to contact support team within 15 days of new registration purchased.
  3. This offer is applicable to only a new user, If you are buying new registration for your new shop then this offer is not applicable.
  4. No offer available for a basic subscription.
  5. If there is any dispute regarding the referral, the Team InventoryPlus decision is final.

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