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Software for managing Bakery Shop retail & Wholesale business
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Benefits of Bakery Management Software

InventoryPlus Bakery Management Software is a comprehensive solution for all types of bakery Shops. Suitable for medium to large retail shops, Supports all types of promotions. Cost-effective InventoryPlus software help to manage the wholesale business and retail fast billing using barcode scanner supported POS system. Simple to learn and train the staff & easy to implement the software in no times

Key benefits of Bakery Management Software InventoryPlus software

✔ Generation of Sales bill, purchase details entry, discount coupon, inventory management, customer and supplier account management all are possible.

✔ Stock management is simple with our bakery Shop management software. Any product running out of stock then the software will help you to generate reorder.

✔ An extremely easy-to-learn and easy-to-use retail solution where a point of sale and inventory management is fully integrated.

✔ Export to different types of formats, Export data to excel 2019 and generate the pivot report etc.

✔ No need to pay for software, Providing the Bakery Management Software as a service and free download for trial.

✔ InventoryPlus support barcode scanner, label printing, Its full features POS system help to automate the billing process.

✔ Ready to use Invoice template provided, Customization is required in bill format? it is simple to edit the template and build your own beautiful invoice.

✔ Loyalties program help to get more recurring customers, yield more business.

✔ Are you worried about customers growing pending balance?, InventoryPlus smart notification will send the SMS directly to customer mobile.

Easy Billing

POS Supported billing software for all type of business, RFID & Barcode supported

Advanced Notification

Enable the SMS and Email notificaition, bring more customers using discount and Loyalties

Manage Accounting

Manage Customers and Vendors accounts, Track all expense and income

Bakery software free download

Analyse the Data

Analyse all business data using analytic dashboard, Analyse all sales, orders, stock

Generate Reports

Customize and generate the report as per requirements.

Customize the Software

Plugin is available to extend the software functionality, If any new feature required then contact us we will help build the new plugin for custom requirements

Why InventroyPlus Bakery Management Software ?

Bakery Management Software

Low Ownership Cost

The software works on offline mode so no internet connection is required to operate. Subscription cost starts with just 599Rs or 20$/year, There are no hidden charges. 

Easy POS Software

No need to worry about operators frequent changes. Easy to train the new operator. Built with an easy and simple interface so no earlier software experience required

Easy Import & Export

Product, Customers, Suppliers and purchase can be easily imported to InventoryPlus. Plugin help to generate invoice soft copy easily & it can be uploaded to cloud storage.


High DPI touch screen enabled screen with localisation multiple language supports with option to customise the the language upon request is the one of the best feature available in Bakery Management Software


Touch enabled software

Software can be used in POS with touch enabled system.

Multi monitoring support

InventoryPlus support multiple monitors,

Multi Language support

InventoryPlus support multiple languages,

Manage multiple company

Managing the multiple company is simple,
Bakery Management Software
Bakery Software free download
retail billing Software
Bakery retail billing Software free download

Automate business using free Bakery Management Software now!

Any issues? help required? then Contact US

No need to pay for software like other similar software, We are giving as a service, Pay the yearly nominal fee to start with 599Rs/10USD and it includes software upgrade and support. No commitment and no need to pay a huge amount to start with and no AMC charge. Pay as you go!

Don’t want to pay yearly service then go for our lifetime service model for a one-time payment.

Run your business cost effectively with less then 1 month mobile bill price, this is our commitments

Bakery billing and GST & Vat Taxation enabled software free Video gallery

Bakery shop billing software reference

Support required? then buy subscription of Bakery retail and Wholesale & Retail Store Software for hassle free usage

Contact Software support Team


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Bakery retail management software Clienttale

  • Siva bakery- Nagercoil, India
  • KK Bakery- UAE
  • Sri Lakshmi Bakery & Sweets- Bangalore, India  Many more…
free Bakery shop retail management Software

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